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My name is Corey Lanier, and I am a web developer based in Toronto, Ontario. This is my online portfolio.


I can help you or your company build a strong and captivating presence on the web.




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Web Design
Restaurant Restaurant

This restaurant-oriented web design will make your eating establishment pop among the bland designs out there. Featuring room for your menu, your staff, and even your location, there is nothing that will be left out to get you online.

NoteZ NoteZ

A fully responsive and dynamic web app designed to create a centralized place for your gaming matchup notes across all devices. This works between genres, including fighting games, first person shooters, and MOBAs, and is tailored to each Android and iOS apps also coming soon.

Restaurant NoteZ
Tokido Interview

This interview was performed with the newly crowned Evo 2017 champion for Street Fighter V, Tokido. This was the second time I had interviewed him, and he went very in depth in what attributed to his increase in results.

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Ego and Fighting Games

This article goes in depth in sports and game psychology, and how a clear mind can be the biggest weapon in your arsenal. It features a bit of wit and examples and advice on how to acheive emotional equilibrium in a competitive environment.

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Magenta Preview

I wrote this preview of a brand new joystick model designed by Paradise Arcade Shop: The Magenta. This features my thoughts on the model as well as a full technical description of how the arcade stick was designed and functions.

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Corey Lanier

About Me

My name is Corey Lanier, and am originally from Ridgway, Illinois, USA, but now based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have worked and continue to work as a freelance writer—primarily at fighting game-based website Shoryuken.com—and am also a web developer.

I have studied HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript ES6 at HackerYou in Toronto, keeping apprised of modern web development standards. I am also well-versed in jQuery, AJAX, React, and Firebase, making me well rounded in not only the design aspects of development, but functionality.

Also, based from my experience as an English language teacher in China and South Korea—as well as my continued studies—I can speak Korean and Mandarin Chinese (Simplified Character Set) at a conversational level.

What I Can Do for You

My desire is to see your concepts to fruition to your complete satisfaction. Depending on the job you hire me for, this will take shape in different ways.

As a writer, I will do the most thorough research of any subject matter that you hire me to write about. I will provide a well-written article or document based on the criteria and needs of each and every client. This will also include full proof-reading, edits, and proper search engine optimisation in order to make your content stand out.

As a developer, I will work with you to design a professional and stylish website that will stand out among the crowd. I will also make your website functional with whatever dynamic content you need, and will make it completely responsive to whatever device it will be viewed on.

I guarantee all writing content and web designs that if anything breaks or needs edited, I will fix it.

Long story short, I will go the extra mile for you.


If you are in need of a writer or web developer, or just simply want to say hi, please contact me online. Alternatively, for direct quotes, please give me a call.

By text:

  • iam@coreylanier.com
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By phone:

  • CAN: +1 647-738-8150
  • USA: +1 917-336-5225